Industry and production as the most important infrastructure of economic development of the country when it has human capital with high scientific potential, expertise, creativity and vision with innovation, paving the way for growth, maturity, industrial development and dynamic economic & nbsp; And becomes production-oriented.

Our vision at Meopan Karun, & nbsp; is always focused on customer orientation, diligent efforts to achieve higher quality of all products and special attention to environmental requirements as a member of the global community and in a word, to be available in All areas have been in line with meeting the growing demand of customers.

At Karun Open Group, we strongly believe in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the desire of colleagues to move forward and achieve our future success. In this process, all members of the Karun chipboard family are committed to maintaining the integrity and richness of their technical knowledge and that of the company, at the highest standard levels.

I am proud that the company’s staff at various levels is made up of men and women who have a hard-working and courageous spirit along with the precision of a chipboard company. This has been achieved by considering the complex aspects of human interactions and the establishment of a special organizational culture and, of course, in accordance with Islamic values ​​by the managers and employees of the company.

At the end of my speech, I ask all of you, dear colleagues and colleagues, to help the company management team in the implementation of the programs with empathy and like-mindedness. I wish you good health, well-being and increasing success, and I believe that with your cooperation, the company will conquer the highest peaks of success.

Gholamreza Dehnashi – CEO of Karoon Shushtar Particleboard