The main product of Karoon chipboard company is raw chipboard.

ورق نئوپان خام کارون

What is raw chipboard?

Raw chipboard is a brand product of crushing excess wood chips, sawdust, bagasse and wood chips, and in general from wood and glue wastes that are pressed and heated. And is a composite product.

The product produced by Karun Particleboard Company is produced after extracting sugar from the sugarcane stem from the fibrous remnant of the sugarcane stem called bagasse.

Advantages of chipboard:

The advantages of this product include the following:

  1. Chipboard & is cheaper than other uniform wood products.
  2. When the appearance and strength of the wood is less important, chipboard is a good choice to replace other woods.
  3. Chipboard can be supplied in wide sheets and can be decorated with melamine sheets.

Material specifications of Karoon raw particleboard

  • Tensile strength: more than 3.5 kg / m2
  • Bending strength: 135 more than kg / m2
  • Thickness: 15 to 20% li>
  • Dimensions and sizes: (1.83m * 2.44m * 16mm) (1.83m * 1.52m * 16mm) (1.83m * 3.66m * 16mm)
  • Specific weight: 0.68 Up to 0.73 kg / m2
  • Ability to screw and nail: at the standard level
  • Production according to the Iranian national standard: No. 9044

Raw materials & Karoon particleboard:

  • Consumables are 100% bagasse.
  • Consumables are liquid urea formaldehyde.
  • Fuel consumption is 90% natural gas and 10% diesel. Be.