history of the company


Karoon Particleboard

Karun Shushtar Particleboard company was established in 1981 by Karun Bank of Industry, Mines and Cultivation and Industry to produce chipboard from sugarcane pulp (bagasse) and after purchasing and installing the relevant machines in 1985 with a nominal capacity of 100 cubic meters per day was put into operation. North was bought and after a period of activity, all its shares were transferred to the Foundation of the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution. 2 With a nominal capacity of 300 cubic meters per day, Karun chipboard to have a larger market share in terms of size in addition to the previous line in addition to the previous line. The launch of the new line was concentrated, which after 12 years from the beginning of the Karun chipboard line 2 project, its pilot production began in the last months of 2016. The company is determined to implement new policies and procedures in addition to improving the quantity and quality of products as an effective unit in the field of wood industry in the production and supply of products with appropriate quality and price and paying attention to the principle of honoring customers as their real partners.

Programs & Visions

  • Employing specialized and efficient staff and improving staff productivity.
  • Paying attention to the principle of customer orientation and spreading it to all levels of employees
  • Operation of melamine veneer production line to complete the production chain and diversify the product
  • Using the research and achievements of knowledge-based companies in the cellulose industry
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of manufactured products
  • Product export development
  • Creating sales organizations
  • Ability to produce in all sizes by using different methods in order to develop sales
  • Company profitability